33 Murdered In Deadly Attack: 2 Nigerian Soldiers Dead.

33 Murdered In Deadly Attack: 2 Nigerian Soldiers Dead.

To what seems like a war film casted in Hollywood today, troops of the Special Forces Brigade of Nigeria stormed the community of Chikingudu to combat Boko Haram terrorists in the area.

The troops after being briefed on the presence of some of the ruthless Boko Haram terrorists, decided to take what they termed a “clearance mission” eliminate them from the community and its surrounding villages.

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This led to a an engaged gun battle and shootings between the military and the terrorist group leading to the killing of 33 Boko Haram terrorists and 2 soldiers of the Special Forces Brigade. The fight also ended with 9 other soldiers wounded and currently going through medical attention.

A mission to subdue the dominance of Boko Haram in other surrounding areas is still being carried out.

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Some of the items retrieved from the premises include; three general-purpose machine guns 25 AK-47 rifles, three anti-aircraft guns, , two automatic grenade launchers (AGL) and two gun trucks, among others.

Source : DailyPost

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