69 Year old Teacher Arrested For Sexually Abusing His 17-Year-Old Daughter

Seth Kwadwo Dese, a 69-year-old resigned teacher is asserted to have been sexually abusing his daughter for as long as two years. Dese is at present helping officials of the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) in Ho, with examinations identified with the matter.

On Tuesday, Seth Kwadwo Dese, who has eight youngsters, was captured on Tuesday. Upon his capture, he conceded that he has been having affections for his girl and subsequently keeps a loving relationship with her to stay away from different men from having sexual illicit relationships with her.

In his assertion, Dese admitted that separated from having sex with the girl oftentimes, he frequently stroked her bosom, embedded his fingers into her private part, and performed oral sex on her, to cause her to feel spoiled and cherished.

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Right hand Superintendent of Police (ASP) Faustina Awumey, Volta Regional Coordinator of DOVSSU, revealed the news to the Ghanaian Times, in Ho, Wednesday.

She said “the person in question, a 17-year-old Junior High School understudy, at first lived with her mom at Kpetoe however moved to Ho to live with her dad, in 2019.

ASP Awumey said the dad and youngster lived in a solitary room and the girl went through the night on the floor, however later Dese persuaded the girl to go along with him in bed around evening time.

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The territorial DOVVSU organizer added that the speculate manhandled her little girl sexually and undermined her not to report the issue to anybody.

The charged, Seth Kwadwo proceeded with his malicious demonstrations until a year ago December when she began declining to surrender to the sexual progresses from her dad.

ASP Awumey said the girl’s protection from her dad’s sexual propels driven him crazy so he asked the girl to leave for good out of his home.

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Hence, the girl announced the make a difference to DOVVSU, prompting the capture of Dese.

In the mean time, the denounced, Dese, has engaged reporters not to follow the story.

“I’m a lawmaker and once you convey the story in your paper, my standing will be obliterated perpetually”, he told this reporter at the DOVVSU Regional Headquarters, as he retaliated tears.

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