7 Critical Reasons Why You Need To Marry A Virgin

In my personal opinion, virginity is the greatest gift you can get from your wife.

As a man, you don’t want to compete with other penis your woman has bleeped on.

You don’t want to wake up one day and hear that your first three borns are not your children but children of another man .

You don’t want a sex doll just in case you’re not that type.

That’s why it’s very important to see a clot of blood on your bed sheets the first time you bleep her. I mean your wife not your fiancee.

And if that happens, congratulations !!! This will be your benefits.

7 Benefits Of Marrying A Virgin.

Virgin benefits

• Respect, Admiration, Honor And Trust.

Virgin trust

Virgins mostly have respect for their husbands because they have not had enough of someone else earlier on. She’s satisfied with you, either you try different styles or do some blow jobs as long as you don’t show signs of childishness.

You also tend to be honored all the rest of your life because you’re truly capable of being chaste even after meeting your husband.

Virgins look more fresher and naturally beautiful in the long run of marriage as compared to Hammers who live in the short run and apply unjust make ups to look more beautiful.

Long lasting marriages are built upon respect and trust.

• Child Ownership.

As long as she remained a virgin before meeting you there is nothing like your kid being another dude’s. You’re all cleared and don’t have to look after another man’s child till one day someone pop’s up and say I’m taking my child.

That is ridiculous right? Then marry a virgin. You won’t need to write a chapter like that in your entire life.

8 Simple Ways To Excel In Your New Relationship

• Strong Connection.

Virgin strong Connection

There’s a strong bond between you and your wife if it’s her first time. Remember your first love. And do it well so she won’t ever forget or regret it. That’s serious business. The bond is even much stronger when it’s the man’s first time as well.

• Birth Complications.

One of the biggest blow of the 21st century is abnormal abortions which is even endorsed by government agencies. Most of the ladies have used contraceptives and i-pills to wipe their womb and end up barren and blame their house witches.

If you don’t want any of such history, please marry a virgin. Don’t marry a woman in return for problems. It’s a free advise.

• Sexual Satisfaction.

Virgin benefits

When you marry a virgin you won’t get to deal with sexual compatibility. You know what I’m talking about right?

Your woman will not get that gust to compare you to her ex, y and z boyfriends. Who may have better six packs and joystick than yours.

Role Model In The Making.

As a lady, you can easily become a role model to your children, you can boast about your virginity which in turn will encourage your kids. You don’t have to deal with guilt the rest of your life. To tell extent that you see your little girl headed the same direction but you can’t withstood her to withdraw.

• STDs Free.

Virgin free from STDs

The chances of a virgin having sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs) is 15% ( either from birth of a contamination through sharp objects or rape). This is because she has never had anyone bleeping her which would prone her to such diseases. You don’t have to spend time and money doing medical check-ups . You’re just in charge and clean as it should be.

Wrap Up

One of the gems for a happier marriage is building it before you meet your God ordained and destiny bound husband who you can stay true. And the first way to start is keeping your virginity and standing by it until you meet him.

Don’t be discouraged if you still have your virginity intact, don’t let friends who are jealous of you persuade into sex before marriage. It won’t do you any good.

Remember sex before marriage is a sin and is the road map to fornication. All you need is a little resistance. Never let others control your behavior.

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