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Welcome To Qodarr

Thanks for visiting our about page and trying to know a little bit about Qodarr and the team.

Qodarr is an entertainment blog focused on sharing everything entertaining to breathtaking. We share everything from the president to your next door neighbor, promote artists, rock solid jokes and many more.


There are actually two of us currently behind this blog :

Kordah Wisdom founder of Qodarr.com and The Qodarr Network ( which does not yet exist), a passionate blogger and a book lover ( Personal Finance ) and fortunately a young entrepreneur.

Aryee Emmanuel, co-owner of Qodarr and owner and founder of Made Rich TV (MR.TV), a journalist, blogger, photographer, etc. I forgot the enterprenuer …. sorry about that.

So is just the two of us. Old High School classmates coming together to put people’s daily experiences before you.

You’ll always come across our identities on every page…… Just in case you’re interested.

Why Qodarr.com?

Well, this website’s mission is to provide careful curated articles and well crafted stories from around the world( placing Ghana and Nigeria first). This stories emerge from entertainment news, gossips, celebrity news and many more exclusively interesting to our readers.

Our number one formula:

Write interesting stuffs everyday + Place them where you will get access to them = You being satisfied and excited and give us your feed back.

Then we go to sleep, wake up and write again.

Oh and less I forget, I won’t leave you there, I’ll also share some gossips with you and teach you how to launch your own blog and make money just in case you’re interested in variety because what couldn’t work for another may work for you.

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