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Thanks for visiting our about page and trying to know a little bit about Qodarr and me.

Qodarr is a personal finance blog focused on sharing simple and easy to follow financial ideas that will help you to grow your income, create multiple income streams and launch your successful online business.


This blog is for those of us who wants to use our skills knowledge, time, and expertise to make extra cash, live a debt-free and comfortable life like I’ve been having.

Is this ideas going to make me a millionaire? No…. There’s absolutely no guarantee for that but what we assure you is an average financial life that you can afford everything basic to you.


I am Awesome Wisdom owner of Qodarr.com and The Qodarr Network ( which does not yet exist), a passionate blogger and a book lover ( Personal Finance ) and fortunately a young entrepreneur.

No, I don’t have any degree or MBA in business or any finance related fields.

All that I share is my years of research , experience, reading and hearing.

Infact I’m not even a millionaire, I don’t even sleep in a big mansion with fleet of cars and beautiful booty women but trust me I know what I do and how helpful my tips can take you.

But you know, my problems and inspirations started somewhere

Since 2014, I’ve been searching for ways and means to better off my finances since I don’t come from a well-to-do-home and at a point in time, I was feeling shy to take money from my parent and I became very desperate and eager to make money on my own but I always failed but I always want to make a change.

I tried several means such as following those of the wall street, heavily built financial blogs, reading and fallacies of personal finance books and scam sites which never solved my problems but worsened it and is one of the main reasons why I wrote these the post – LIES ON THE INTERNET

So I gathered all the pieces over the years by tracking down my daily spendings and managing how to save

But my fellow partner, it never worked.

Why Qodarr.com?

Well, this website’s mission is to prove that Personal Finance is as easy as ABCD and wealth building is just a matter being ready and focused.

My number one formula:

Earn more – Spend less + Save more = More money.

Oh and less I forget, I won’t leave you there, I’ll also teach you how to launch your own blog and make money just in case you’re interested in variety because what couldn’t work for another may work for you.

Our Vision

My first and foremost visions is to.

1. Help you make money online without investment.

2. Make money with just your mobile phone or computer and with internet access.

3. Build your own company online.

4. Create multiple income streams.

5. Wipe your debts forevermore.

6. Then leave comfortably without thinking about debts and gifts for your lovely wife or girlfriend.

7. Become your own boss and die…. Ooops

And how exactly will I help you do that?

Will I deposit money in your account ? Nope… Nope…. Nope i wish I could but I’ll instead show you the sources.

Just follow my lead.

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If you’ve any concern, you can contact me via:

[email protected]

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