Alban Bagbin To Australian Ambassador “This Is An Abomination”

In recent times many concerns concerning the legalization of LGBT+ in Africa society rose to the peak. Since this is a normal behavioural and sexual approach that the western world has adopted, they are trying to fight their way to root it down to every corner of the world .

Considering the continent Africa, we have our norms that we go by so adopting this to our social life will be very difficult but some young blacks really have interest in it. Leaders of our land are also opposing the legalization of this act in our society. These called for many organizational leaders and stake holders to “poke” their mouth into the matter.

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Quite not long ago,a branch office was established in kwabenya and the government called for it closed down. Just some days later when Parliament sat, the Australian ambassador to Ghana petitioned for it approval but the visionary leaders of our mother land explain to the ambassador’s understanding why it will not be legalize in our society Ghana. The speaker of Parliament emphasize that the LGBTQ+ can not be legalize I’m Ghana.

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