America’s  criminal  injustice  system- George  Floyd’s  murder case raises  up again .

America’s criminal injustice system- George Floyd’s murder case raises up again .

Derek Chauvin, an American former Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd publicly with his knee last may cause a stir on anit -black racism , questioning on the accountability of the police and the American criminal system as a whole.

Their case is to appear before court on monday ,Derek Chauvin has not pleaded guilty to second degree on intentional murder ,third degree murder and second degree man slaughter.

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The case will be broadcast life in its entirety an observation the COVID 19 safety protocols. Just by reaching the start of Floyd’s case , it was made known that his case has progressed further than the other cases of most death of blacks .

Floyd was 46 and he was born in Carolina but was raised in Minnesota as an adult where he was working as a security for a restaurant.

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Derek Chauvin , 46 a police officer who was working with Minneapolis police until he was fired for Floyd’s death.

Their lives collided on May 25, 2020, when police were called about a man who had used a $20 counterfeit bill at a Minneapolis store. Two officers were directed to a parked car with Floyd in the driver’s seat, and they handcuffed him and moved to put him into the back of a police car,according to complaint.

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Yet the trial will not debate Floyd’s symbolism or the merits of Black Lives Matter. Instead, it will mainly focus on two things: the cause of death and Chauvin’s intent;that’s what trail is intended to focus on.

Source: CNN

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