“Ankonam” by Black Sherif will make you cry.

“Ankonam” by Black Sherif will make you cry.

cover art of Ankonam by Black Sherif

Black Sherif has released his much-anticipated single,‘Ankonam’ after releasing ‘Ade Akye’ which is doing well on the market.

‘Ankonam’ describes the life of a poor man who has been struggling and fighting life in his own way for survive, life is indeed a journey.

Black Sherif never disappoints, we know how Creative and how deep he is (deep thinker). The ability to create powerful content from his life experiences makes him wins the heart of industry people, music lovers and his fans who believe he is talking to them.

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The song was produced and mixed by Trino.

‘Ankonam’ is on all musical platforms, you can stream online via the link below;

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