As we encourage for the planting of trees let as enforce the laws; Hon. Mahdi Gibrill Former Deputy organizer (NDC)

The former National deputy organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Hon. Mahdi Gibrill Muhammad share his view on the Green Plant initiative introduce by the government on Friday 11,June.

On ‘Oman Yi Daakye’ program, host by Nana Otu Darko. Hon. Mahdi Gibrill Muhammed Applaud the government for the good work or initiative but also dispute the fact that the NPP government was the one who introduce that plan.

He further explained that the NDC government that brought that plan through the Sanitation program but wasn’t effective because their focus was on Sanitation.


Hon. Muhammad further encouraged the government to enforce the laws that says we should plant trees after we cut them. And also educate the citizen not to involve in deforestation.

‘As we encourage for planting for Trees let us also implement the laws. We have laws and the government must make the laws work’ ,he said

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Hon. Mahdi is not pleased with how the government is not been transparent on what the 125 million Ghana cedis will be use for. Even though the Government said they are spending that huge amount for the Green Planting initiative, the government has not been clear on what the money will be used for.

‘As at now we don’t know what the 125 million will be use for, whether it will be use when the trees falls or some people want to hijack the money and we will not know what its was use for’, he said.

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