Ay Poyoo kicked Out Of DBlack’s Night Club For Being Topless

The former Ghanaian music GOAT has confirmed that he was refused entry to D-nightclub Black’s on Friday.

Last night, D-club Black’s was rocking with the ‘Coming 2 Oasis’ gathering. Stonebwoy, Fuse ODG, Michael Blackson, and others were among those who attended.

AY Poyoo apparently turned up as well, either invited or uninvited. He turned up in his signature topless ‘look’, wearing no shirt.

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However, bouncers at the event had no interest in his topless look and threw him out.

Poyoo took to social media to complain about what happened.

“Big bro @DBLACKGH your bouncers didn’t allow me to enter Oasis cos I was topless. I understand they are doing their job but they could do that with respect. They spoke to me in a very bad way and the only reason I didn’t create a scene is the respect I have for you,” he wrote.

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Source: Twitter

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