List Of Top 10 Best Web Hosting In Ghana

List Of Top 10 Best Web Hosting In Ghana

If you want to build your dream website, blog or for a client, you are at the right place. These list of best web hosting in Ghana fits your needs. Websites are built using knowledge and skills from PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and many more which could take 4 months to 6 months to learn each of them and thus about 2 and a half years to grasp all of them.But this can be really disgusting when you want to set up your dream website within minutes and not in a decade.This is when selecting the best in Ghana come to play.And for the layman wondering what is web hosting?Web hosting
refers to staging your website on a computer server to make live , up and running on the internet.Those who handles web hosting for you are called web hosting companies or providers.But you need to consider some factors when looking for the most reliable, trusted and consistent web hosting companies in Ghana and this includes the following;

Factors to consider when selecting the best web hosting in Ghana.

SSD and HDD.Solid State Drivers (SSD) are high performance drives with high speed which help boost your website speed as compared to Hard Disk Drives. The image above explain the entire principles underlying SSD and HDD.• Uptime guarantee :Web hosting companies in GhanaOne of the most important part when selecting a web hosting company is the uptime. Uptime refers to your website running all the time without halting.Your website should be up and running every minute and every atom of a second from the very beginning till God knows when.If you continue experiencing downtimes, you’ll loose visitors, audience and that means you will loose money and sales as well.The average uptime guarantee for every website should be 99.9% because no hosting companies can guarantee 100%. Keep in mind most of this companies will promise you 99.9% but will fail to make it happen but I’m here to give you all those that can give it to you.• SSL certificate :One of the highest factor that will affect your website is the SSL certificate which is known as the Secure Sockets Layer.SSL certificate ensures that data and information such us credit cards , email address, etc. entered by your site visitors are encrypted and protected from hackers , there by ensuring maximum security on your website.SSL certificate also affects ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. In fact, Google’s recently updated algorithms strictly required websites with SSL certificate to rank higher than those without SSL certificate.Take for example, you and I have a blog on sports and we write a blog post about Cristiano Ronaldo and I have SSL certificate but you don’t, my post will be ranked higher than yours because my site is deemed more secured than yours.This is why it’s advisable to consider SSL certificate when building your own website and is offered for free by 75% web hosting companies.• I Click Script InstallationAfter setting up your domain and hosting, you’ll need a software called content management system ( CMS) to work with for easy management of your entire website which includes writing, publishing, uploading and many more.And to maybe low or no coding skills on your side, you’ll need one that easy user-friendly and transparent. For this reason WordPress which powers 48% of the internet is most recommended for people with no coding skills because it is user-friendly and customizable to any design that fit your needs. Being it a business , brand , blog or software download site, WordPress conquer it all with ready free themes and plugins.This is why you need a hosting company that can offer a one click install for WordPress and other CMS without you struggling to obtain one for yourself.• 30 Days Money Back GuaranteeIn the world of hosting your money should serve the value and satisfaction you’re looking for. And if the current hosting company can’t offer what you want, you should be able to request your money back within 30 days after purchase.• 24/7 Customer Support ServiceBecause you may not have knowledge about JavaScript, PHP or coding itself, you’ll need your selected hosting provider to always be available when you face any downtimes or issues.It turns out that most of them will be available when you want to make a purchase but vanish when you have a problem.Your hosting provider should be as closer to you as your website. There should be friendship between you and them for you to feel the quality of service.
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List Of Top 10 Best Web Hosting In Ghana.

Web Hosting Companies In Ghana

1. Ovation Hall.

Ever dreamed of a web hosting provider that can launch your dream online business or website with high speed, optimized for SEO, 24/7 support, elegant design, affordable prices and flexible payment, ovation Hall is second to none.So far , so good, ovation Hall is esteemed among the best web hosting providers but fastest among all with elegant web design and a 100% uptime guarantee and customer support service.Which is why when it comes to the best web hosting companies in Ghana, I recommend ovation Hall for the following features:
Basic Web Hosting Features:
High performance.
24/7 customer support service
High speed servers with SSD.
Free domain names for first year.
WordPress ready.List Of Hosting Packages
Shared Hosting:
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Software Hosting
WordPress Hosting.
Software Hosting.
Ovation Hall Is Suitable For:
Online Businesses.
E-commerce website.
News websites.How To Create A YouTube Channel And Get Paid – ( The Absolute Guide To Make $1,000/ Month Without Struggle
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2. StormerHost.

StormerHost is well known in the the hosting industry for both experience and masterpiece and this is why is featured 2nd on the list of top 10 best web hosting companies in Ghana.For those looking for a reputable company geared towards serving balance web hosting features such as 99.9% Uptime, bulk SMS, 24/7 customer support even in the night, affordable hosting, speed and all the miracles of hosting your website with a reliable provider, Sign up with StormerHost now and make your site and brand stand out.

3. Ultrahost.

Ultrahost Ghana is a leading web hosting provider when it comes to cheaper and affordable hosting. Their hosting packages also comes with one click WordPress install, ready cpanel,etc.Hosting a website with ultrahost has being exceptional because of their customer support whenever you face any challenges. My website is hosted and managed by ultrahost and by experience I can boldly say that their good at what they do but due to some downtimes during sometimes, they happened to be 3rd on the list.
List Of Hosting Packages
Shared Hosting:
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting.
Ultrahost is Suitable For:
Online Businesses.
E-commerce website.
News websites.
Contact: +233 24 507 6408

4. Nakroteck.

Nacroteck came into the hosting business back in 2017, meaning they have 3 years of experience.Hosting so far at Nacroteck has a big focus on helping existing and incoming businesses and bloggers to go live with their free domains offered for hosting with them.Hosting Packages:
Shared hosting.
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
WordPress hostingBasic Hosting Features:Free SSL certificate.
24/7 customer servicesE-Mail: info@nakroteck.comPhone: +233 (0)550507788 / +233(0)246022602FaceBook: www.nakroteck.comWhatsApp: +233 (0)550507788

5. Krahost

Krahost sits here at no.5 because of their speed, affordability and reliable services with a very massive and undisputed positive customer reviews over the years, they stage as the iconic web hosting company among all.They’re web hosting packages comes with
Highly powered SSD servers
Customer technical Support
Free SSL certificate

6. Dtech

Dtech also known as Darrel technologies has transformed a lot of online businesses and blogs over the years. They’ve all the features of a good hosting including immunity 360 to protect your site against hackers, SSL certificate to secure your website, uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer support.
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7. Kingscel

Web Hosting Companies In GhanaKingscel is an ultra rich website management website with extensive experience in hosting companies, they’ve one of the finest reviews from Google and Whtop

8. OGD Web Host

If you’re thinking of building a solid online business or website based on SEO plus reliable support, affordable hosting, fast servers and free SSL certificate, head over to OGD Host for a fresh website.The internet needs people like you and your chance to make it happen for real is joining the OGD Host team.They have fair fate in putting their data together to help their customer succeed and you can become one of them by heading towards their website.

9. Intekmultimedia

Intekmultimedia deserves a hands-on applaud due to their massive experience in domain and website management authority , their perfect to take your online business or website to the next level.Even if you want to start a social media like Facebook, head over to Intekmultimedia to host your domain right away.Aside web hosting, they offer web design, web development and general online marketing


Web4Africa is the oldest web hosting company in Ghana and Nigeria but in recent years, it has faced lot of negative reviews on the internet from it’s customers in regards to poor customer support, downtimes

So Which Do I Recommend:

Even though all deliver similar values and quality, I prefer ovation Hall above especially for those who wants to start a blog or an online business. This is for the sake of their highly powered speed SSD, reliable services, free SSL certificate and all the most important part having your website up and running again and again and again.The second is StormerHost and krahost. Their fairly certain about their services.


When selecting a web hosting company, pick the one that best suits both your needs and that of your audience or customers.Don’t forget your budget and the value of your money.

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