Can we have sex and keep it on a friendships  level

Can we have sex and keep it on a friendships level

Interestingly, sex is fun and must involve two matured people with mutual understanding regardless being in a relationship or married though religiously it is generally acceptable after marriage .The question is “is it still practical in this our era”.

Though many friendships has landed people into catastrophe, some friends are really more that siblings , sometimes this type of friendships can lead to marriage .

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But wait , what if this friend you are close with wants an amorous relationship with you without any serious relationship .let’s say you being a flirt .

Well, some people prefer having sex with people without any serious relationship and cover it with the name of friendship. Some also say is more comfortable and pleasurable having sex with a friend because they mostly dont nag about being cheated since it’s not a relationship .

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Summing it , you can have sex with a friend and still keep it low key in friendship

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