COPEC to Launch Insurance Scheme for Fuel Customers

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) is set to launch an insurance policy in partnership with the Ghana Standards Authority that will protect the interest of fuel consumers.

The aim of the policy is to help fuel customers to deal with the consequences of the negligence of fuel station attendants and the sale of adulterated fuel products by some oil marketing companies.

Speaking on behalf of the association, the Executive Secretary of COPEC, Duncan Amoah stated that: “What this trusted trader scheme does, is to put in place insurance for the trotro driver and the average Ghanaian user.

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“In case you buy fuel from any of these outlets and there are challenges, the liability doesn’t even go to the outlet. A scheme is in place with an insurance package that says you’ve suffered damages because something wrong was occasioned and so there is compensation already in there for you. What that also means is that those stations that sign unto the trader scheme are simply going to be on 24-hour surveillance, so they do not do the wrong thing.”

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In the past few years, customers of fuel have been left dismayed by the actions of several Oil Marketing Companies in the country.

Despite the negative impact of the actions of such OMCs, there is still no form of compensation for owners and drivers who are affected.

In light of this, should the insurance policy be passed it will come as a timely intervention by COPEC and it would make a huge difference in insuring fuel customers.

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