In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to easily create a verified PayPal account without paying for any set-up fee.



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PayPal is a US based online payment platform which is recommended by people and institutions all over the world. It is co-founded by America’s Tony Stark — Elon Musk in 2001. It has since then been effective, fast and secure in delivering it’s services.


Why Ghana Was Removed From PayPal Network


In recent years, PayPal removed certain countries such as Ghana from its platform for reasons no one knows. It’s obvious PayPal is the largest online money payment and transfer platform worldwide. It’s rather unfortunate that the gods passed by without offering us such good thing.


Why You Need a PayPal account


With the increasing means of online payment and transactions you need an international payment agent such as PayPal for such purposes. PayPal is recognized and used all over the world.


Once you have opt to receiving payment from your online platforms and services, you definitely need a PayPal account to get all the cash in your account. You may be working online, making money online, purchasing and making legal transactions which calls for PayPal to come in.


Most of this online platforms require PayPal before you can be paid. It is equally crucial to those of us without credit and debit cards. Those franchise makes PayPal fill the gap to undertake what cards undertake.


It has the following cool features and pros;

Fast and convenient payments options : PayPal account can be accessed at any Internet accessible area without having to get any special or specific needs. Only your password and username that’s all needed.


Fast and easy to receive payment: It is very easy for someone to pay into your account without extra charges. It uses their URL attached to your username for payment. For example;


Secure : PayPal payment system uses API walls which prevent hackers from getting access to your financial data.


Accessible Anywhere: You can access all of PayPal features on all smartphones and computers. But not on Java phones. It actually support all HTML 5 browsers. Even the creation of a new account does not require a computer but a simple Android or iPhone models could do.


• High transactions charges.


What A Verified PayPal Account Be Used For;

You can use PayPal for the following;

Personal; PayPal account can be use for personal transactions such as buying Online or receiving payments.

Business; businesses can use PayPal to provide option for receiving payments from local and international customers.


Things You Need ;

Since PayPal account is not allowed in Ghana, you can’t use Ghanaian address or you get denied. But the login is simple since we have devices other countries also use. You need the following;

• Pick a country to hide your identity behind.

• Get the ZIP code of that country.

• Get a street address in the country and copy it to your clipboard.

• Get a fake phone number in that country.

• Your personal email address. It can be Gmail address, Yahoo email, Microsoft email or any other. Don’t use anyone’s email address.

• Your own name or business name.

• That’s all.




You can also try other alternatives here. Let’s roll:

How to create a verified PayPal account


• Go to using either chrome or UC browser.

• Click on sign up and follow the steps below.

• Choose what you want. Either a business account or a personal account. And click next .

Create A Verified PayPal Account In Ghana

• Enter your name appropriately ( don’t us nickname or abstract names) and enter other required fields that you are familiar with.

• Now enter the ZIP code .

• Paste the copied street address.

• Enter mobile number.

Click To sign up and you’re done.

You can equally try alternatives here.


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