How To Create A YouTube Channel And Get Paid  – ( The Absolute Guide To Make $1,000/ Month  )

How To Create A YouTube Channel And Get Paid – ( The Absolute Guide To Make $1,000/ Month )

So you want to start a YouTube channel and become one of those guys who make amazing and crazy videos in the spotlight. Or you just want to make big cash and break the YouTube earnings record? That might be personal, but no matter what you in tend to use a YouTube channel for is no big deal if is not against the community’s policy. Who Knows you could be the next YouTube broker.

For whatever reason you currently have, Qodarr would exclusively walk you through the steps from how to create to making a lot of cash on it. But first, let get to know what a YouTube channel means.

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What’s A YouTube Channel:

Is an account like Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter that helps contents creators to upload their videos on YouTube itself for others to watch. So a channel is by the means your videos are uploaded and YouTube is where it can be seen and watched.

Contents creators refers to those who create the videos.

Who Can Create A YouTube Channel.

Anyone interested who has internet connection and the credentials involved such as a Google account/ email address can create one without any hassle. The following two groups of people are legitimate to create an account.
a. Individual ( Personal account)
b. Business/Group/Organizations. ( Business Account).

What Can A YouTube Channel Be Used For:

As mentioned earlier on, the channel is purposely designed for contents creators ( video creators) to upload their works onto the YouTube platform.

These contents can be lyrics videos, video gaming, music, movies , comedy, animations , tutorials or anything useful and engaging to your audience.

You can create an account for the following purposes;
Personal account; To upload contents you create by yourself or of personal interest. This includes contents in your selected niche and make money out of it if you want to.

Business account: This involved promoting your own products to a targeted audience or customers in order to boost sales and generate leads for your business or company. You can equally monetize your channel if you want. That’ll be just another source of income.

What Things Do You Need To Create A Channel .

Things You Need To Create A YouTube Channel

Basically, you need a Google account/email address in order to create a channel. If you don’t have any , just go to and hit sign up, follow the prompts and you’ll have one.

And Incase you want to make money from your YouTube channel, you’ll need an AdSense account and all of such things have been well explained in this post.

Know that you don’t need any investment, creating a YouTube channel is free of charge.

How To Create A YouTube Channel

There are two ways of creating a YouTube Channel, this include Personal and Business account.

Personal Option.

[su_note note_color=”#ff66f6″]a. Go to on your phone or computer

1. Sign in to your account on YouTube ( if you don't have one sign up for a Google account).
2. Click on the icon at the top right and then click on "My Channel".
3. Give your channel a name and click on "Create Channel".
4. Now that you've your channel created, you can continue to customize it and start uploading videos.

f. The next thing you’ll see is your Channel dashboard, from there you can start uploading your videos, comment on other videos and creating playlists.[/su_note]

But beware of what you use your YouTube channel for or else you’ll be suspended or banned from the program. You can take a minute to read my post on 4 things you should never do with your YouTube channel.

Business option.

You can create a YouTube Channel for your music band , company, business and group in order to promote your brand. Follow these steps to have one.
a. Sign in to YouTube on your mobile phone or computer.
b. Go to your channel list.
c. Select create new brand account.
d. In the next screen, enter your brand name/ business name and upload your picture and verify your account. Click done and you’ve your channel for your brand.
e. If you want to add a channel manager, check this Post.

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Customize Your YouTube Channel

.[su_note note_color=”#fff566″]Things You Can Customize On Your YouTube Channel

a. Channel Art

b. Profile Picture

c. Username[/su_note]

Your YouTube channel is your personal presence on YouTube. A YouTube account is the same as a Google account, having one will grant you access to all Google products and services. Every YouTube account is entitled to only one channel. After creating your account you need to do the following:

a. Add keywords to help people find you. To add keywords, navigate to the Advanced section of your Channel settings. Make sure that your keywords are relevant and match your contents ( niche)

b. Your username can work for or against you. Use short and original username that will be easier for your audience to remember. Your username should also be related to your niche. If your niche is about Android gaming, use something like “THE ANDROID GAMESTOP”. For easy recognition and ranking.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one, just use one that is easier to remember.

Keep in mind that you can only change your username 3 times at maximum, after that you need to wait until after 90 days before you can change it again.

Most Profitable Niches ( Contents ) That Get More Views On YouTube.

Get YouTube Views

The next step is to figure out which type of ideas to make videos on. This ideas refers to niches which makes your audience feel this is for them and this will make them stick around.

Basically, you need only one niche to focus on. Focusing on different niches is a difficult task which I won’t take the risk to explain why for the purpose of this post.

So let’s move to the most Profitable Niches which would flood your channel with traffic.
Product Review : This include cars , mobile phones, movies and shows, etc.
Unboxing : Unboxing involves reviewing fresh products straight out of the box, talking about features, price, advantage and disadvantage, etc.
Makeup And Fashion: This include men outfits and women dressing styles.
• Conspiracy :
You can make videos based on trending and popular videos you think people should disagree with.
Video Gaming : This are videos based on how to play a game, installing them , boosting them , hacking them, etc.
Top 10 / Top 5/ etc. : Example is top 10 billionaires of all times.
Tutorials/How-to’s : It you teaching people how to do things like singing, playing the piano or guitar, driving, cycling or how to install an app on mobile phone etc.
Recipe or Food ; It involves teaching people how to cook different types of meals and how to set them up.
Make Money Online (MMO) : it involves teaching people where to make money online and where to make it.

I bet you can make your first 1k in less than 4 months as this has become the most popular on YouTube this days. Just that don’t scam your audience or else you’ll loose them in the long run. Kevin David is an outstanding YouTuber in this niche.

Movie Trailers : Before a movie is released or after it’s released, you can cook your own engaging trailer and feed it to your audience.
Funny Videos/ Comedy : Think of funny things to put smile on people’s faces. Mark Angel does it well.
Travel : This involved the beauty of places , their culture and nature. It’s one of the outstanding viewed videos as people want to know more about places since they aren’t able to go there.
Challenge Videos: This include setting quizzes, puzzles, etc. Example is 2÷7×5(4-7)+20 in a compelling way.

Motivations many more.
The above mentioned ideas or niches are the most popular and trending on YouTube and happen to gain lot of views.

If Incase you want to figure out a possible idea for to make videos about, head over to the Trending section and see the videos featured over there. You’ll realize that most of the above mentioned fall in the Trending videos.

Getting your videos on the trending page will skyrocket your views and give your channel long term exposure.

How To Upload Videos To Your YouTube Channel.

You can upload videos to your YouTube Channel using your computer or mobile phone. The steps provided below can be applied either by using your smartphone or a computer. You can upload videos to your YouTube Channel using your computer or mobile phone. The steps provided below can be applied either by using your smartphone or a computer.

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1. Go to YouTube Studio or for best experience download the YouTube Studio app.

2. Sign in to your YouTube account in order to access your YouTube channel.

3. Click on “CREATE “ and then upload video.

4. Select the file you had like to upload and add some thumbnails, description, tags and SEO title.

5. To get a complete guide on the uploading videos, follow this link.

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How To Promote Your YouTube Channel.

Promote Your YouTube Channel

With over 300 hours videos uploaded on YouTube every minute, it is very difficult to find the right videos that suit your needs.
In this section of the guide, we’re going to talk about how to promote your YouTube channel in order to increase your subscribers and likes as well gaining a long term audience.

YouTube also offer a short course based on promoting your videos. It contains info on advertising your YouTube channel using their ads. This will help you to quickly promote your videos almost everywhere on the Internet.
Here’s how to promote your channel
a. Give your videos attractive and appealing titles by using power words.
b. Add custom thumbnails that will make viewers curious and make them click on.
c. Use the appropriate keywords from Google to get ranked. You can use tools like Tubebuddy, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to find the right keywords for your videos.
d. Promote your channel by sharing it on your blog, social media and to your friends and families.
e. Engage your viewers through free giveaways, contests, quizzes, stories, etc.
f. Encourage your viewers to subscribe, share and like your videos throughout the watch.
g. Create playlists to keep your viewers watching your videos from one to another.
h. Create monthly/weekly/daily series.
i. Make Top 10 / Top 5, etc. videos.
j. Comment on other popular and trending videos from other YouTube channels related to your niche. Whenever you leave a positive comment, add a link from one of your videos suitable for the video you’re leaving a comment on.

How To Make Money From Your YouTube Channel.

Make money from your YouTube Channel
Make Money From Your YouTube Channel

You can make a lot of money from your channel if only you follow the protocols. You choose what you do with your channel if only it’s not against the community’s policy.

In fact the 7th most highest paid YouTuber is a 14 years old boy who makes money by playing with toys ( something of his interest) and you need to know about yours as well.

Basically, you can make money with YouTube using Google AdSense

You need to enable monetization on your channel before you will begin to get paid. Here’s how to do it:
a. Go to
b. Sign in to your YouTube account.
c. Click the icon with three dashes at the top right and select “YouTube Studio”.
d. Click on “Channel” on the left menu and select click on “Enable” under monetization.
e. You’ll be redirected to this page that shows you how to enable monetization. Read the ” YouTube Partner Program Terms And Conditions” to start.
f. Next, you’ll need to sign up for an AdSense account, if you already have it you can skip this step. A complete guide on creating an AdSense account is provided below.
g. Now set up your monetization preferences and the type of ads you want to be displayed on your videos.
h. Your channel will be reviewed when you meet the requirements which is 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 Subscribers threshold. This usually takes a week and you’ll be notified after the review process.
i. You’re ready to start making some money from your channel.

Meet The Requirement

There is a requirement for monetizing your videos. This include 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers to start earning.

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Set Up Google AdSense

You can set up Google AdSense for free. To set up Google AdSense go to the AdSense website. Click on Sign Up Now to begin creating your account.

You must be 18+ to be eligible for an AdSense account, if not you should get someone older to do it for you.

Information AdSense will request from you is a PayPal account or bank account ( Credit or Debit card) and a valid mailing address and other usual information which AdSense will use to very who you are and who to transfer the money to.

You only earn money “per ad click” and a little amount per views but it’ll add up over time. That’s why an audience is very important.

How YouTube Will Pay You

YouTube Channel

YouTube determines how much you get paid through your videos based on “Cost Per Mille” ( CPM ) or “Cost Per Impression” ( CPI) i.e cost per 1000 views of your monetized videos. Whenever someone watches an ad on your videos, your CPM increases. Your CPM usually meaningfully increases every 1,000 views you get on your videos.

[su_note]Meaning the higher your CPM, the higher your earnings.[/su_note]

CPM itself is measured depending on certain factors and algorithm which include the types of ads displayed on your videos, ad prices, the channels target audience, popularity, geographic region of your views, etc. The CPM rates actually ranges from a few cents to about $10 per 1,000 views. But on average you’ll earn around $1-$2 per thousand views. Unless you get a large subscriber based and views.

After enabling monetization for your channel, you’ll begin receiving payments. When setting up your AdSense account, you’ll be asked for a payment threshold. Once your earnings accumulates to the payment threshold ($100) you’ll get paid by AdSense.

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[su_note]These are 5 ways to receive payment from AdSense.

a. Bank Wire Transfer.

b. Western Union Quick Cash.

c. Rapida.

d. Check.

e. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)[/su_note]

Payments are made on monthly basis, with your estimated earnings tallied under the “Transactions” page of AdSense.

For instance, your earnings in May will be tallied and shown to you on June 3rd and you’ll be paid in lump sum on 21st June according to your payment method.

Users outside US usually get paid through checks and wire transfer.

Useful Tips And Warnings

a. Use keywords so people can easily find your videos.
b. Upload videos on regular basis and on a personal schedule. It can be every Friday or something else within your schedule.
c. Have a unique tune play at the beginning of all your videos.
d. Creativity is the key, good marketing is the door.
e. Create social media handles ( account) such as Facebook, Telegram, Twitter And Instagram to advertise for yourself.
f. Remember to add tags when uploading videos.
g. Make videos based on what’s popular and trending on the Internet.
h. Share your videos on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
i. Gaming videos and comedy are the most popular genres.
j. Always check whether your videos have been copyrighted before you upload them.

Copyrighted contents can get your videos, pictures, movie clips, etc. taken down. If you’re found of reusing copyrighted contents without the permission of their respective owners, your account can be:
• Banned
• Demonetized
• The owners can sue you in court.
• Your earnings may be given to the copyright owners.

Making YouTube your full time employment is wrong because it takes time to build your audience and generate leads. Getting likes and subscribers on YouTube is not that easy at the beginning. Hence make it a part time job until is fully marginal to depend on for a living. If you happen to get 10 million views, you absolutely can make a living on your YouTube channel.

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