Don’t Buy 0.30pesewas Pure Water – GYFD to Ghanaians

Pure water seller on the street

Don’t Buy 30 pesewas Pure Water – GYFD to Ghanaians

Ghana Youth For Development (GYFD) has called on the Ghana Police Service to arrest people who are  selling pure water at 0.30 pesewas.

In a press release on 22nd March, 2021. GYFD the pure water by asking if its not enough to buy bag of water at 4.00 Ghc and make profits of 2.00 Ghc and added that the police must arrest any pure water seller selling water at 0.30p.

He stated that, Ghana Youth For Development (GYFD) will not buy 30Pesewas pure water even though the price per bag has been increased.


At First, the bag of water was sold at 3.00 Cedi and for those with fridges sells it at 3.50p so that the pure water seller who don’t have a refrigerator will go there and buy the already chilled water and sell.

A profit of 2.50p is made after selling a bag of sachet water.

The GYFD believes that its reasonable for the price of bag of water increased from 3.50p to 4.00p by the owners of the refrigerators because the bag of sachet water now gives a pure seller a profit of 2.00 Ghc which is not bad, you only lose 0.50p.

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They also want to remind customers that the water company after increasing the price has warn the sellers not to increase so no one should encourage that.

GYFD said they have realizes that, some pure water sellers have increased their prices just to cheat Ghanaians and this has result for this release.

They also encourage Ghanaians to report any pure water seller who sells it 0.30p instead of 0.20p

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GYFD is also calling on the Ghana Police Service, the Inspector General Of Police (IGP) John Boanuh to instruct his men to enforce the order of “There should be no increase in price to the ordinary man on the street”.


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