Don’t Give Her Chop Money If You Have Not Marry Her – Pastor Adu Boahene Advice

The senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church has made a shocking revelation concerning relationship. The Senior Pastor on Sunday Preached on the topic “Submitting to your husband is fearing God”.

Pastor Adu Boahene in his preaching advice the young men who are in a relationship and think giving Money, gifts and paying for a lady’s bills is their responsibility should put a stop to it. He state clearly that its not the responsibility of the man to spend or invest his money in to a lady when there are not legally married.

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He also said that unless you want to give her willingly without hoping for a return. It should be willingly not mandatory or a responsibility.

He advice ladies to stop demanding chop Money from guys, they will take advantage of you by sleep with you. Put a stop to it and building yourself financially and emotionally.

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