Drama: Church members bow to worship ‘goat meat’ (video)

Drama: Church members bow to worship ‘goat meat’ (video)

A lot of reactions as a viral video of worshippers of a church bowing to worship a dead got nailed to a cross.

Church members bow to worship ‘goat meat’ nailed on the cross, this dramatic video is reported to have been filmed in a church in Malawi.

The worshippers are heard screaming in the video as if God has appeared while they bow before the goat meat.

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We still don’t know what informed the crucification of the goat and on what on what grounds were the church members doing that.

This video has gone viral since many social media lovers has expressed mixed reactions.

The viral video has cause others to react, some says their practice is evil and ungodly but others share the view that its their way of worship and they should be allow to speak to the god that answers their Prayers.

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