Ghana Is Dark Again With “Dumsor”

Electricity as a source of energy to homes, industries, institutions and many others is important tool to boost productivity.

Ghana over the couple of days is overwhelmed with power outages and is predominant and consistent. Many individuals and stake holds have raised concerns about this canker.

A renowned man Mr Kofi Bentsil vice president of Imani Africa alleged that “how can a country’s entire power system be shutdown at once, is not safe , adding that if good engineers were being listened to,such entire nation wide power outage would have been curbed.

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Mr Bentsil raised his concern to the nation wide power outage that hit the country for several hours on Sunday 7th March 2021. Also some concerns saw the problem more financial to it being technical.

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) however explained the power crises was due to a challenge in the power system before the power was abruptly restored.

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Independent Power Producer (IPPs) had warned that it was going to cease power supplying to the government if government fails to pay its depth to them. Ghanaians are muffled as to whether the power crises had to do with the threat by the IPPs

The Energy Ministry has also not come out yet to comment on the concerns raised against this power crises.

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