Ghana’s Economy is in a double reverse gear

Only thieves Can survive under this government

With 3children, yourself and your wife:3+2=5

Let’s do the calculation mathematically

5plates of food for breakfast

5plates of food for lunch

5plates of food for supper

15 plates of food per day

Let take Gh¢5 for food per plate

15plates multiply by Gh¢5 is Gh¢75 per day

Gh¢ 75 by 30days is Gh¢ 2250

Gh¢ 2250 by 12 months is Gh¢ 27000 per annum or a year

And you say that,you are not a millionaire?what shows that you are not a millionaire?

Snacks and in between meals are not added oooo

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School fees and books are not added oooo

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