Hajia4real Storm Ghana’s Independence Day With Her Backside And Tweaking Skills

A Ghana-lebanese social media influencer, musician, entrepreneur who response to the name Mona Montrage but popularly known as Hajia4real caught the attention of Ghanaians during the celebration of Ghana’s independence. The celebration is to mark the toil and struggle our leaders went through and finally achieving their aims on this day 6th March.

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Amidst the covid 19 the celebration was observed indoors but to the surprise of Ghanaians, Hajia4real flaunt her gigantic backside with some tweaking videos which took Ghanaians to their heels.


She dressed in the colours of the national flag which symbolises how affirm she is into Ghana. The dress code alone is a plus on her and making all Ghanaians guys go crazy after watching that backside being wobbled and shook. The mis-feelings among the ladies also made others join the scene.

Source: Opera news

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