Homeless man looks unrecognizable after free haircut

A homeless man looks unrecognizable after he got a free haircut, because of a barber who ventures to every part of the world,  giving the homeless free haircuts.

Joshua Santiago took to TikTok to share his most recent work and watchers were stunned at the enchantment he dealt with the homeless man’s face.

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In the video, the barber flaunts the man’s congested afro prior to getting his razor out to give him a skin blur.

Finished with the trim, he moves over to the man’s beard and trims it as well.

Numerous TikTok clients were staggered by the outcomes and named the homeless man as “attractive”.

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One expressed: “OMG he is so fine like what the real f***”

Another added: “Wow he resembles a mogul.”

A third applauded: “Required 15 years off him.”

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