How To Increase YouTube Subscribers And Likes Easily

How To Increase YouTube Subscribers And Likes Easily

Have you ever wondered how interesting it is to get a side income then from a side income to a full income just with the following steps you are good to be an online YouTube earner.

And for YouTubers who don’t have enough time and vlogging ideas, these trick worked like charm.

On YouTube, you have to create videos and get 1000 subscribers plus a whopping 30,000 views before you can monetize ( make money on it). It’s kinda ridiculous. And keep in mind it’s not easy creating videos before even posting, more to the extent, the chances of getting views is not assured. But follow this simple steps to bag unique subscribers from this simple trick.

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1. Create a YouTube channel using a computer ( skip this step if you already have one).
2. Now get a simple niche say “video games” in mind.
3. Search for “video games” on the YouTube app and click the filters icon and select “creative commons”.
4. Select the video with highest views and subscribers.
5. Download the vidmate app
6. Copy the link and paste it into the vidmate app to search and download the video.
7. Place a different thumbnail for it and repost it on your channel.
Now enjoy and wait for the magic to work.
8. Do this almost everyday to increase your views and subscribers.

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2 thoughts on “How To Increase YouTube Subscribers And Likes Easily

  1. Success on YouTube comes down to consistent, strategic, quality content. And one of the biggest tips is before you press record, do some research and preparation. Make Sure Your video content is informative, entertaining, and helpful for the audience. if the user does not find your video content interesting and informative they will avoid watching it and sharing it. So always make sure what your audience is looking for, give them on their fingertips.

    Always send out your YouTube videos via your newsletter. Summarize the video and be sure to include the video thumbnail so people have a visual reference. Provide several links to the video and specify how long the video is so people will be enticed to watch.

    Several platforms have introduced live video features in recent times. You can find such a feature on your YouTube account as well. By doing a live video, you not only can broadcast your content but also interact with your fans. Interaction is always a key factor, when it comes to marketing and promotions, whether it’s online or offline. So, try to go live and talk to your fans once in a while.

    If you desire to get the maximum number of subscribers on your Youtube channel. Never forget SEO for YouTube marketing. Always Optimize Video Descriptions & Use Keywords in Video Title. Use Tubebuddy to handle Youtube SEO activities easily.

    Embed your videos in Q&A sites like Reddit, Sharing your content in niche communities, Paid Campaigns, Sponsored your content and outreach to different nich bloggers, and ask them to include your videos in their relevant posts are some other strategies that can be used to increase youtube subscribers.

    You can also buy Youtube subscribers to give a quick boost to your channel. I usually buy from ( They provide real, genuine subscribers by promoting your content on different online platforms, and also offer a money-back guarantee. I have had a great experience with them. So, I would recommend buying from them.

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