Inclusion of Valid ID card during Mobile Money withdrawal starts from April 2nd – MTN Ghana.

Inclusion of Valid ID card during Mobile Money withdrawal starts from April 2nd – MTN Ghana.

Customers of MTN will now need to provide a valid National identification card before they can withdraw their money from their own Mobile Money Account at any MTN Agent’s, starting form 2nd April, 2021.

MTN Ghana earlier announced that from 2nd April, all Momo customers would have to provide a valid ID card that matches the name on the mobile money account before they can make cash out transaction.

This new directive is expected to reduce mobile money fraud transactions, and restore the trust of customers.

The Chief Executive of MTN Ghana ( Mobile Money Limited), Eli Hini said 150,000 mobile money agents across the country have been fully Trained and educated on how to implement the system effectively from 2nd April.

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According to him, Agents across the country have been provided with devices and methods on how to verify customers through Picture Verification and this is to ensure that only the wallet owner can do the withdrawal.

He also warned that any Agent who do not go according to the systematic approach will be sanction if found out.

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MTN Ghana is encouraging all customers to regularize the details on their mobile money wallets, this can be done by ensuring that the name of the person using the wallet is using the exact name used to register the SIM and Mobile Money Wallet.

This are the ID card to be accepted by any MTN agent before withdrawal, Ghana Card, Passport, Voter ID, Drivers license, SSNIT card, NHIS Card.

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana (MMAAG) Also throw their support from the newly introduce system to fight fraudsters by releasing a Press released Statement.

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We encourage that you take your ID cards with you any time you are going to town in case you have to withdraw money.

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