Irresponsible Children Grew Up To Become Irresponsible Parent – Pastor Christian Zee

Irresponsible Children grew up to become irresponsible Parent – Pastor Christian Zee explain

Pastor Christian Zee on Sunday Preached on the sermon “Children Honor Your Parent”. He has made points or raise concern about how the Youth are becoming more irresponsible and disobedience.

He also further stated that the reason why some Youths have become irresponsible and disobedience is as a result of irresponsible parenting because some irresponsible parent where once irresponsible children.

Majority of Youths who don’t respect or obey are results of irresponsible parenting.
“Irresponsible Children grew up to become irresponsible Parents” he said.

Pastor Christian Zee is the Associate Pastor for Emmanuel Baptist Church, Dome- Pillar 2. He is also a relationship and marriage counselor, Self Development Coach etc.

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