10 Lies You Must Stop Following On The Internet

Internet Lies: Why I’m Writing About This?

I’m not a fun of lies and misinformation just like a lot of you. It breaks my heart any time I see those misleading information on the Internet. This lies appears on several platforms such as blogs, websites, apps, podcast and live streams. I encourage you to read carefully and share it to your friends and family.

Reason For These Lies On The Internet

The lies and misinformation is published on the Internet for so many reasons but like real life and so the Internet. Bloggers and publishers across the Internet lie in order to:
• Drive traffic to their website.
• Persuade you to click ads in order to make money.
• Sell low-quality goods to you.
• Carry out hacking activities.
• Infect your device with virus.
• Because you’ll not accept the truth when they tell you.

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10 Lies You Must Stop Following On The Internet


You definitely can but not quick.
I don’t know if you’ve realize it’s not true or you’ve been suspicious of it. I spent four (4) good years figuring out and following up on this myth jumping from one platform to another looking for money as quick as I can because as a growing youth, I find it very difficult to continue depending on my parents. I became depressed after failing so many times and rather spent all my had earned money instead. I earned nothing!. Don’t be fooled… Internet quick money is scam don’t follow-up. Check out my four ( 4) years experience in trying to earn a side income online.

It doesn’t mean you can’t make money online, you definitely can but it takes time, energy, consistency and capital/ no capital depending on what you choose to do. Remember Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergio Brin, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos and many other make their money from online.
You can read my comprehensive approach on making good money online and 13 ways to make good money online.

#2. Finding Solutions On YouTube.

So devastating and unlikely.
YouTube as we see it is fun, tutoring and entertainment based platform. Which turns out not been so but instead a money making tool for it’s developers and contents creators. They roll eye catching thumbnails and controversial contents to draw your attention to gain views and subscribers in order to monetize their videos. So the actual truth is: it is a money wheel- a scam. Most videos are erelevant, of low value and lacks real life result. If you want to gain solutions for any given time, the best place is Quora and wikiHow. Beyond all doubt It has almost all the solutions on the Internet.

Does it mean we actually cannot get solutions on YouTube?
Definitely not what I meant but rather about 80% are false and only contains conspiracy, about 10% either miss the subject or are half-baked while 10% are genuine. I’m only trying to tell you to be very careful.
Infact I’ve listed genuine YouTube channels in this Post.

#3. You Can Make Money On Google.

Have you ever thought of it this way: Google pouring money online for you to consume. Sorry but you definitely cannot. You can only make money using Google AdSense, Google Ads and Google AdWords. Google is a term for the Google search engine and is used for search and ads displacement alone. If you want to make money using a search engine, use Microsoft Bing. It’s the the only source I know for now.

Try reading Google policies if you would find anything there?

#4. Click To Earn and Free Gifts.

Internet lies

I get a lot of such messages day in day out in the name of free internet bundles, airtime, cars, women, laptops, cash , phones, etc. An example is the one above .How unsual for us who are ignorant about this. I see it all over top social media sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter and many more. But my dear friend, it’s false.

No one would wake up and offer you such things for free. Don’t waste your precious time. It’s advisable to follow the right means to purchase those things by yourself.

Those are shorten URLs, anytime you click them they earn $0.001 and for every 1000 views they earn $5. You can learn all about shorten URLs from this of my post.

#5. ” I can teach how to… For free”.

Congratulations, you have got an online coach who can spend his or her precious time teaching how to make bitcoins for free without any investment. Come again? For free indeed! Will you do that yourself ? No not at all! Good. I won’t either. Don’t waste your time it’s popular scam. Crypto currency exchange requires investment and investment that is right. If you don’t understand something please don’t invest. Is very risky.

#6. Give less and take more.

“Hello I’m the Chief priest of Norgokpo, I can make your money grow or increase seven times the deposit you make with me.”

Really, that’s cool!! But if I may ask, why are you not the richest man in the world or in Africa or just in Ghana.
They’re English language is not even good.
It’s a scam!!! One of my friends ventured in this and the priest ordered his guards to throw him out after he deposited his money.

It’s is not with only native doctors but also with forex traders, bitcoins and lottery platforms. Look for legit money making platforms where you are Shure of your earnings at any given time.

#7. Loose Weight In Less Than A Month.

You don’t mean it. It took someone 25 to 40 years to be obese , fat or pot belly and you say two weeks and even 3 days or in one day. Even one month won’t work to burn all the days and calories in your body because as it burns you’re taking it in your daily meals. In our current world, the world itself is full of fatty foods and chemicals and we take them everyday because we’re addicted to it and if we don’t, we starve.

There’s no such miracles as become slim in a month or less with exercise. But loosing weight deals with your diet and daily workout which must be consistent. Changes may start in a 3 months and you may succeed within six months or a year ( 365 ) days. Sometimes a simple diet will change the whole show within a year.

That’s a long investment right? Then advice yourself and stop following click baits and lies. Thank me later.

#8. Death Warrant.

Have you ever received any message on WhatsApp concerning a certain girl who claims she’s a ghost , 17 years of age and while she was alive, she happened to fall into a group of friends who push her into a very deep ditch in their school, when the FBI came her friends lied that she Intentionally threw herself into it. The voice then claim you must send the message to 15 people or else you’ll die, a boy received it and kept it to himself and she killed him in his bathroom and bla bla bla….

My cousin was scared when she received it and sent it to the 15 people as said. I didn’t send it to even zero person but for 5 years now am still alive by the grace of God. I’ve received similar messages and I’m sure a lot is still ongoing.

Dear friends, those are lies and scams don’t follow them, you owe no one your life so they can’t take it away.

#9. God’s Blessings.

It’s heart breaking to see how people trade the blessings of God for Facebook likes and comments and people will claim it by typing Amen. Rubbish no deity is on Facebook. God pass through people and situations to bless you, not comments and likes. You type such things and your life is still the aame, WAKE UP!!!. IT’S A LIE!!!

May God forgive them.

#10. God ( Jesus) And Satan Competing For Likes And Comments.

Another heartbreaking thing. How is that social media is the only way one can show his or her love for God ? Meaning if you don’t do it you’re not spiritual? Come on, these are fake and it’s in no way concerned with Jehovah. Open your eyes and withstand those tanishing God’s image. It’s not biblical and that’s final.


After being an internet addict running after false informations for years, I’ve brought to light some of the truth about works on the Internet. This may not be all so be careful you don’t fall into this traps.

Do share to your friends and family. You’ll save someone.

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