14 Life-Changing Apps We Downloaded This Year

14 Life-changing apps we Downloaded This Year

14 Life-changing apps we Downloaded This Year


Life has now evolved from the stone age to a digital, to a rapid changing and advanced world now concerned about productivity , object and result oriented way of life.

The 21st century has seen a lot of such advancement in our daily lives. This we have in handy and we have become addicted to – our smartphones.

Smartphones developed these days has the ability to distract our attention against the things we really want to use it for. Some of this are the plethora use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. and video games. This may not help to stand or be ahead of this advance and competitive world. These is why I bring to you the most life changing apps in 2020 to reorient your life and why you need them so badly.

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14 Life-changing Apps We Download This Year.

Life Changing Apps

APP #1. QUORA ( Mr. Right)

For those who don’t know about Quora, Quora is a question and answer site which allows Internet users give their own opinions and suggestions. It holds very useful information in this digital age. I read about 10 Quoras each day to improve my life. When it comes to self-development, productivity, knowledge based and responsibility, Quora has it all.

Quora was created by two former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever and has so far been useful for gaining insights and promoting businesses.


  1. Insights into this you actually perceived wrongly or partially.
  2. Productive ideas.
  3. Truth , Wisdom and Stories
  4. Self-development.
  5. Get relevant answers based on experience and opinions.

APP #2. Wattpad. ( The Storyteller)

Wattpad has been a good companion app when it comes to telling stories of which you won’t find people doing it for you these days. It has a huge collection of literature to offer with free contents as well. On Wattpad, you get to read stories before their even published, you can equally write your own stories and poetry and share it to get reviews that will tell how well your literature is doing and how it impacts the user.

As you already know, reading is a way of feeding our brains and building our minds to increase our literacy, knowledge and Intellect. It’s fantastic to know that Wattpad delivers all of these in one simple and beautiful UI app.

The stories fall in all genres with a huge collection of love stories and poetry. You can equally save all of your stories for offline reading plus you get to continue where you previously ended.

APP #3. Fooview. ( The God App)

Fooview has technically and literally change how we use Android apps. I hope you’re one of those Android phone users dealing with space and simplicity of your device? Or you’re searching for an app that handles 7 tasks of different apps on your device?
Then you have come across the gem.

Fooview handles a lot of tasks in different tabs within it’s application. Let’s take for instance you have a separate music playing app, separate note editor, separate video player, separate file manager and so on. Fooview App handles all of such tasks in one application without lagging.

The app can be used for the following;
• View Storage Memory.
• Play music.
• Take notes.
• Browse the internet.
• Read weather forecast.
• Read local and International News.
• Play game.
• Take screenshots.
• Take pictures.
• Edit photos.
• Clear RAM.
• Access different applications randomly.
• Record audio.
• Draw.
• Record screen videos.
• Watch videos and movies.
• And many more.
Imagine such a wonderful app. You don’t need different apps for such tasks , Fooview handles all at the same time. Plus it’s free, no in-app purchases, it’s light weight and can also float over other apps. It happens to be the only App on the Internet without an alternative or competitor. Download Fooview App now and you’ll thank me later.

APP #4. POCKET. ( Our Daily Bread)


Another hassle free App that has been changing lives. Do you crave for an app that contains only your area of interest? An App that you can read what you really want to read without paying a penny? . Then you’ve earned it here for free.

Pocket is a Blogging community circumnavigating everyone’s area of interest. The charm about Pocket is that you can save for offline reading, you can play audio version of the articles while you’re doing other stuffs plus you can share with your families and friends.

With Pocket, I was able to learn how to procrastinate less and be business smart. You’ll also tell your version of experience soon. For the freedom and impact of it , I’m recommending it to you. Enjoy!!!

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APP #5. wikiHow. ( The Teacher)

Life-changing apps

Everyday we need to learn how to do something. But how do we do it? And where can you get how to easily do it?
When you search for important things, Google gives you what they feel like is good for you, meanwhile is no where near your concern.

But for wikiHow, the story and experience is different. Considering the vast numbers of blog niches, wikiHow has endeavors in tutorials and how-to’s. It’s connects bloggers with experience, valuable, rich-contents based tutorials and we’ll explained posts to channel it through wikiHow.

wikiHow gives you the right answer straight forward. You may be looking for how to cook a meal, prepare tables, do something on your device, to organize a business meeting and anything how-to’s goes. One extraordinary thing is that almost all the answered topics come with pictures and videos for you to know what their actually referring to. That’s good to hear right. Start here.


APP #6. TED. ( Emperor of The Internet)

Life-changing apps

Simple TED. The emperor of the internet. Our lives has been moving out of hands because of abstract things we call civilization, modernization, technology, science and globalization which has rather raised division among humanity making nature in itself slip away from our lives. Who will remind as of our nature? Our core values? Where we’re going and where we need not too? Who will tell us the truth? And who will inspire us to go for it and Chase our dreams?. That’s is TED.

Not the Hollywood movie. I mean the Messiah of the internet “TED talks”. Here you’ve children, youth and the elderly sharing life changing truths, opinions and ideas to everyone freely.
One of the talks that touched me most was the popular Sir Ken Robinson talk on do schools kill creativity. It was fun and teachable. You can start your journey here.

Another tip: On TED you can download the talks for offline watching. You can also access their YouTube videos or simply use their mobile app.

APP #7. Medium. ( The Talented App)

If Medium was human, I’ll call it the talented App. Just because it what it means and I pray it continues to be.
You already know what is a medium right? A channel between two things. And that two things is the internet and only you. Yeah just you, no one else. And you’ll happen to earn it for free. Reading the best topics on the Internet for free without any hidden costs or distractive ads.

Medium challenges you daily with their valuable topics . Is made up of a community of competitive bloggers and you will just sit down, switch on your data and select the best topics to read. You don’t bother yourself searching for quality because everything you see is the quality and rich contents.

You’ll also get access to their best 10 selected topics daily in your emails when you sign up. Let’s go to Medium.

APP #8. Canva. ( The Graphic Design Giant ).

Everyone happen to love design and not just any design but the appealing and impacting one. Your crave for design maybe for business purposes, fun, learning, leisure or just checking out stuffs. But how about if you don’t have the graphic design basics or mindset? Or you don’t have the cash to purchase or hire one? It’s weird.

But with over 60,000+ templates, Canva has relief us from that boredom. As mentioned earlier on about the number of templates, Canva has all sizes, categories, formats and samples. You can get any kind of design some for free and others for a token. Examples of templates you can get Is infographics, flyers, logo , certificate, business cards , Facebook ads banner and many more.

All images you see here on Qodarr.com was created using the Canva App. The app is mobile friendly and design oriented. You don’t need any skills in graphic design to start. Many businesses, organizations and bloggers are using Canva to promote their products through pictures and designs.

APP #9. OneNote And Microsoft Word ( Best Note Editors).

Per my opinion, OneNote App is the best. I’ve tried a lot of not editors but the best experience I’ve had is on OneNote. There are other Powerful ones such as Evernote and Cheetar Notes but due to simplicity and no charges I prefer Word and OneNote.

• Because note taking is fast and easy.
• Auto saves.
• Samples to work with.
• Easy to retrieve lost notes.
• Mobile friendly.
• No costs.
I personally use the app to write all my website articles and it’s super easy to work with. Get yours here.

APP #10. Grasshopper. ( Coding Made Easy)

The search engine giant – Google rolled out this apk ( actually it was purchased) for all those interested in coding, basically web development. The app is just like the red in a traffic light. Coding made easy, fun and transparent. No cost, no none at all.

In the App, you get to take lessons and practice them right away ( simply put practical lessons). There’s a space for coding and one for lessons at the same time on the same page. There’s a funny part…..

You’ll be taught by a Grasshopper not a robot. But that guy is powered by AI , you should see how interesting he does it. If you want to start a blog or website, try Grasshopper first , you’ll thank me later.

APP #11. Programming Hub ( The Coding Terrorist).

Life-changing apps we Downloaded This Year

Don’t be scared, this is not AlQaeda or ISIS. This is the most powerful coding and IT platform and tool on Google Play Store. With more than 16+ Courses to deliver industrial oriented coding and programming skills, you’re ready to be a Superman in your industry.

Programming Hub feature courses for beginners and experts such as :
• AI
• Python.
• Web development.
• JavaScript
• Java
• Perl.
• Machine Learning.
• Data Science.
• Data Structures
• And many more.

You can start at a very low cost and earn a legal and verified certificate for work.

The App is very mobile friendly, you get to continue where you previously ended and it also has a lot more to offer. Let’s take a look.

APP #12. PhotoLab ( 10× fun)

How do you live your life in a simple picture?, In a quick design? And how do you impress your friends that you’re a great artist like Michelangelo?
I’ll show you how to.

Download the PhotoLab App» click on a desired template » select your own picture or a friend’s own» wait for processing and share the magic. Come back here and write your own experience. Thank you.

APP #13. Trello ( Project Companion)

Are working and needs hands? Perhaps on a screenplay or just a project?. Trello has all the features to assist on your tasks. Don’t be shy to try Trello because it has been featured on many platforms including Lifehacker.

Over the course of our multiple projects, we need hands and others to help us that is where Trello comes in. Trello will organize all tools and people for you, making you work smart not hard by collaborating all this in a handy and mobile friendly app like a social media. You can check later.

APP #14. Hopper ( The Travel Companion).

Hopper is one of the best flight bookings app. Once you input your dream destination, Hopper will show you a color-coded calendar for the entire year that allows you to see when flights are the cheapest — green indicates cheapest while red is highest. It allows you to check off basic fares, shows you the price predictions for the future and gives you suggestions as to when you should book by,


Our lives are complicated this days due to some numerous factors and this called for solutions. That is why I took great joy to offer my little knowledge. I’ll update the post regularly.

Do appreciate and offer your own suggestions willingly. Stay safe.

That’s all for now.

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