Beginners Guide: 13 Ways To Make Lot Of Money Online In 2020 (The Ultimate Guide)

Before you start reading this article about making money online, I’ll like to inform you that this is no get rich quick scheme nor neither a click bait. The information offered here is based on experience and personal knowledge .

Don’t be mislead by dream of acquiring flashy cars , houses, beautiful women and large smartphones. Those are myths at first sight. If you want to make money online, be determined to invest your energy, time and consistency.

Because making money online is no joke. To remind you, I’m trying to be real and trustworthy as much as I can. This is not a click bait to lure you into something else. If you really want to do this continue reading, if not please consider something else.

Remember the old saying

Rome was not built in a day.

This means it requires long term investment but following the right approach, you can start making it in two weeks. Thank you.

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What It Means To Make Money Online.

Making Money Online (MMO) means investing your resources on the Internet in return for cash. This resources include your time, money, expertise, energy, idea and consistency. Depending on your reasons which may be financial freedom, extra cash, side income, etc.

What Things Are Involved?

A lot are involved, this may include

Performing tasks;This include typing Captchas, listening to music, watching videos, playing games, refer people, freelancing and many more for websites.

Selling stuffs; You can sell your unused and used stuffs and earn extra cash. This could be your pictures, videos, websites , clothes, gadgets and electronics as well as courses and notes .

Affiliate Marketing; You can equally run affiliate programs for websites and e-commerce in order to earn big.

Provide services; You can provide household services in your locality, blog, vlogging, giving directions, teaching, review and freelancing.

How much you can earn ?

Earnings vary a lot depending on the what you are doing. To be frank, the ones you can heavily earn from are the ones that requires long term approach such as blogging and vlogging as well as affiliate marketing.

According to a 2014 survey about affiliate marketers, a 40% affiliate marketers earn about $20k-$40k while 19% earned $100-$200 per month and the rest earn about $1000k-$10,000k per month.

What Things Are Needed To Make Money Online?

A Verified Payment Account; You’ll need a means by which you can get paid when you reach maximum earnings accumulation. PayPal is the most popular and required by all platforms and other alternatives such as debit or credit card, payeer, paytm , bank account, payoneer, Skrill, etc.

A legit platform; This is very very important because most platforms are scams and will get away with your money and hard earned earnings. Just take a minute to check my comprehensive list of legit Online money making platforms.

Personal Details; This include your email address, name ( don’t use abstract or nicknames) phone number( not all) and other minor things such as physical address, country or nationality and a username.

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13 Easy Ways To Make Good Money Online 2020

Earn Money Online

Start A Blog

Money Online

Blogging is providing information for internet users to consume. This information is the Writing of articles in the right niches. Example is what I’m sharing with you now. You can provide useful and quality contents which would drive the right traffic to your website. It is very lucrative if you follow the right steps and approach. You can start from here.

One thing about blogging is, you can sleep while the money flows into your wallet. But don’t think that is that easy. Because you need to be consistent, real, ready to learn and produce quality contents.

Starting a blog only requires a website which is a domain name and a hosting provider and you’re good to start.

Qodarr.com has assembly some resources to help you start a successful blog.

• Start A YouTube Channel.

YouTube money making

YouTube is everyone’s dream to make money from. Because it has recurring profits when you reach your peak to monetize.

You need thousand (1000) views to start monetisation and place ads through Google AdSense. Prompting your channel on social media platforms increases your traffic and earnings. Create a verified YouTube channel using a computer and start uploading videos either with your PC or mobile phone. Invite more friends and you are good to go.

When it comes to vlogging, YouTube is no.1 but you can also try Dailymotion; this two are like air and water. You can not do away with both.

It turns out that Dailymotion’s policy is more flexible than that of YouTube. But both are profitable.

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• Start A Facebook Page Or Group.

On Facebook, you can monetize by being a moderator or an admin of a group or page. You start monetisation when you have 10,000 followers or likes and 30,000 watch time. If you already have this criteria, just download the Facebook page manager and ads Manager to start monetisation.

Facebook will place ads on your uploaded videos(middle of the videos) and anytime anyone watch you earn. People earn a lot but you need to creat good , quality content and engaging videos . Facebook turns to promote your videos when it is engaging because it’s what keeps the social media alive.

• Freelancing.

Freelancing is all about offering services to other people who in turn pay you for your services. Perhaps you’re a fast typist, good song writer, poet, reviewer for products,etc. Just name it. Place your bid for your services and if a customer is interested he purchase it.

You can earn more than you think because businesses this days prefer online services to reduce cost of employing people. Fiverr is currently the best and trusted freelancing platform. You can also try Upwork– it’s one of the reputable Sites on the Internet.

• Affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you promote e-commerce company’s products and if anyone buys through your link, you earn a percentage which differ from site to site.

The e-commerce sites offering such is click bank (the best and highest paying), Amazon (sometimes may limit to USA), Jumia(available to a Africans only), Flipkart, eBay, Alibaba, etc.

• Using URL shorteners.

This is also an easy but time consuming way. To be frank, mostly those with a lot of traffic earn from URL shorteners.

Here you shrink a long URL and anytime anyone click the link, you earn. Is good for businesses and social media platforms. Just shorten a trending information link, relevant and most demanding contents like videos and games and anytime anyone click the link you earn.

Currently bitly (most popular), addmelink (highest paying) adfly (impressive), Ally,etc. Offer this services. Mostly it’s 1000 clicks for $5 on average but varies from site to site. But to make money with url shortness, you actually need the best and highest paying url shortness on the Internet.

• Sell Your Photos.

Yeah so simple, sell your own photos whether it’s ugly, fashionable, creative, illustration, painting, business oriented, drawing and anything that is a picture. You get paid for each download or per number of downloads.

Just make sure the picture is not copyrighted. It’s known that infographics makes a lot of money in the process. The most prominent ones is istock and Getty images You can get started on this platforms.

• Buy and Sell Domains.

Are you looking forward to make $5000 within a month? Then I recommend buy and sell domains on the internet for sugar quoted prices.

Do you own any website and good traffic or a you are having a memorable website like mine? You can easily sell it at a whopping price and take advantage of another if you wish. For some reasons you are unable to manage your site.

It could be inadequate funds, inadequate skills, lack of a team, not enough blogging ideas and inadequate time to manage the site. Those are some of the issues I encountered when I first started.

This made me research on sites that help me to sell my site at a good price. Sedo.com and flippa.com are a good and legit place to start without any initial deposit or hidden charges.

• Get Paid To Post Your Pictures On Instagram.

Want to make money without any hassle , then follow this catch.

There’s this special way and app that pays you for posting your pictures to social media, get likes and get paid after reaching maximum accumulation.

There’s no investment to make. MNFST ( Manifest) is the model app. Just take your pictures and post it using the app. It has other means to earn as well.

• Get Paid To Upload Media Files And Post Comment.

Your Media Files such as videos and pictures can be uploaded to Lymbuzz app and empowr website and get paid when you hit 20 likes. Empowr actually offers you their own currency called empowr coins which can be converted to USD and then to your local currency.

• Get Paid To Listen To Music.

You can get paid just for listening to music from different radio stations in the United States for free. The app’s name is current. Current has many other tasks apart from just listening to music, you can perform tasks such as downloading apps and man’s many more. Another site where you can listen to music and get paid is slicethepie.com.

• Get Paid To Review Apps.

In a similar way you can get paid to test and review Android, iOS and Windows Apps for free without any investments. The app Reviewlancer fills that gap. Another legit alternative is Appcoiner, but for this platform, you’re required to invest $17 before you can start reviewing and earning.

That’s no worry because you can successfully bag about $100 in return for PayPal cash and bank wire.

• Get Paid To Refer People.

If you have some little debt to pay in the shortest possible time or you want to increase your paycheck a little bit, I’ll introduce you to kashtree.

Kashtree is a legit Online platform noted for paying as far as $2- $25 per each person you refer to their site and $25 on sign up.

They pay on time and has flexible payment method plus you get paid when you reach minimum of $200 in accumulation.. You can start right here.

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Wrap Up

Making Money Online is not a Hollywood movie. It is painstaking which means patience, consistency, time and a good niche is involved. Good luck. That’s all for now. Keep on checking on my site. I’ll update the list each and every week.

Was these helpful? Comment your questions and suggestions below.

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