Some of us use to think like we’re not worthy to earn someone’s love and date.

We see the handsome gentlemen and the beautiful alluring ladies who cause an uproar and anytime they step into the party, everything shut’s down.

You might not be Mamacita nor Sharon Stone but you can make what happened to Peter happen to Paul. The truth about this world is that, things don’t happen, you make them happen and so is getting someone to date you.

If you want to be a footballer, you don’t play stone, you play ball. If you want to have a baby you don’t scream, you’ve got to bleep in order to get one. The same goes for getting someone to date you. You’ve got to do something before something will happen. If you want it , you’ve got to step forward for it.

The challenge is “how” ?

The following methods you might be familiar

The door to every man’s heart:

There’s a door to everything valuable in this life and a key to unlock it. The space between you and that door is how open you’re to show that you’re ready to open that door. The ultimate door to a man’s heart is attention and respect.

The key

• Your voice.

• Moderate dressing.

• Regular motivations

• Regular checkups.

• Cracking jokes.

The Key To A Woman’s Heart

Before you know the key I’ll like to inform you that the door to a woman’s heart is her ears. Their ears are itchy and love to hear every single details.

The Key

• Regular check ups.

• Regular Visits.

• Inspirations.

• Caressing/ Cuddling.

• Politeness.

• Being Attractive.

• Being Talented in terms of acting, dancing, singing and talking.

• Cracking jokes.

Ways To Make Someone Want To Date You

Everything I’m about to talk about hear I know you’re already familiar with when it comes to dating.

All I want you to do is to stay true to yourself from the very beginning till you get what you want. I need you to be sincere with whomever you intend to spend your love life with. Don’t pretend, don’t fake your identity.

1. Be Attractive.

Date you- Abrokwa Obed

Abrokwa Obed

One of the things we undermined when looking for someone to date is the art of being attractive. What happens to you anytime you see Michael Scofield in Prison Break, Berlin in Money Heist, Jacky Appiah and the likes of them – they are attractive and enticing in their looks.

Date - Attractive Berlin

Berlin in Money Heist

We all love attractive things and we love to be with things that are attractive. If ever you’re going to be someone’s guy or woman don’t underestimate the power of being attractive in the following;

The way you talk; Let it be just, polite, straight to the point, no stammering if you naturally don’t stammer, don’t be a critic in everything. Always give a good speech.

Dressing: The more attractive you look, the more enticing you become.

I’m not talking about being sexually attractive but dressing the best of your best at any given moment in a modest way.

Whenever you dress sexually attractive, you change the ideology people have about you. Don’t try it.

Your items: Books , clothing, shoes , etc. should be neat always.

My experience;

You know something? I have undermined this for years now and I regret it now but thank God I have a chance to turn it around.

I’ve been a bookworm for long and only keep my hair curled up and that’s all. The same rest is tack in and go.

But my friend Obed is second to none when it comes to being attractive and he get the women crushing like desert wind. I guess he’s the hard disk of being attractive. I’m now learning from him.

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2. Show Some Courage.


Timidity and cowardness is a tribe of shame. You don’t have to hide from the beautiful ladies whenever you see them but to whomever you want to date get closer and have positive conversation whenever you get the opportunity.

Study their attitude from afar, how they accept and give attention to new friends.

If they are harsh something makes them harsh, study what makes them harsh so that your step to date will not turn to step into disgrace.

If he or she is calm and pensive, that shouldn’t prevent a date between you and her. You need to do something that will cheer them up and engage them.

Because calm people loves to talk about what they do , talk about something like a popular book she might have read , a popular but impressive movie, etc.

One thing that works is pretending to make him/her help you with understanding something you already know. Or helping you to solve a common problem with your phone.

Just be smart enough to draw the one you want to date’s attention.

My Experience;

I could recollect my first time in high school. I became a much desired guy by some group of ladies in General Art A class because of my accent in singing.

I happened to sing romantic songs to the core till I even became in demand by most of the girls in music department and I’m also good at drawing and at writing poetry. Look at one of my drawings

Date you- beautiful woman

And this

Date- Drawing by Kordah Wisdom

Drawing by Kordah Wisdom

Date- Drawing by Kordah Wisdom

Drawing by Kordah Wisdom

All of this I couldn’t utilize because I was not courageous. But my friend Obed, was teaching one of the ladies from the same class and took the courage to propose and they’ve been dating for about four years now. See what cowardness can take you. Even though I took the course later on but it didn’t work because I became more of a friend that someone looking forward to date someone else.

3. Be Fun And Talented.

Date you- be talented

There was this guy in my dormitory that stunned me once, truth be told he’s not attractive enough, he’s not a shark nor the best footballer but he just performed on stage during one of our Saturday night entertainment based on a certain song entitled dzidzorkpokpo ( happiness) and the next day he had about 65% of the girls looking out for him.


That is not the end, it even happened to me when I was one of the mathematics sharks on campus. I’ve had countless opportunities because of my approach to handling women. I’ll tell you more in my upcoming post.


I’ve seen it happened to talented basketball players, reckless rappers and many more.

The truth is you need to be best at something that can draw complete attention of the one you want to date. Being it mathematics , tennis, football, rap , music or something intriguing.

What we’re doing is to create a complete mental and emotional picture about yourself in his or her mind and heart.

No one wants to be around a dull person, everyone loves to have fun and the fun is made more whole when you have it with someone special, someone you adore, someone you admire and get crazy over.

You adore your mom because she gave birth to you and cares for you.

The same goes for a lady or a guy. The more you share the moments and do somethings which he or she needs but don’t get it from anyone.

How to become someone’s special.

Control your temper and it’ll control your anger. In other terms, don’t over react when you see things that don’t conform with your desires.

Learn to tolerate certain behaviors about him or her. You’re of different backgrounds, experience, failures , success and environment.

Don’t scream at her, be polite in talking to her. She’ll always come to you for advice.

Give her things she wants, not what you want for her. It creates invisible understanding.

Stop talking about ex and others who are crushing on you. It makes her feel she’s not your top priority.

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4. Be Inspirational.

Date be attractive

One of the decent things about women is that, they love to hear fascinating things, they have itchy ears and love to hear interesting and engaging things which can steer them up.

Women always want that sense of belonging and the art of lovely words because of how fragile they are in terms of emotions.

My story;

One of the outstanding things ladies love about me is the ability to inspire, understand and steer them in the right direction.

I happened to attend two high schools due to some personal reasons, in my second school, there was this girl I used to encourage a lot because she has this feelings that she cannot perform better like the few of us do in class and hence she wanted to quit school and learn trade.

This gave me the opportunity to mentor her as much as I could which wasn’t fruitful and she eventually decided not to talk to me again. I was stunned.

It was later on her friends informed me that she was into me and because she can’t take it anymore, she decided not to talk to me. That’s it, I lost another unique opportunity to date her.

It was not all that my fault but I was a much honored guy by colleagues and teachers so I couldn’t trade glory for a date. Sorry, don’t fall in my shoes or you’ll regret it later.

Everyone loves a person who shows the way and help us on our toes anytime we fall. And because women are emotionally fragile, it a Shure way to get into their lives.

Wrap Up

As you can see I didn’t talk about six packs here neither did I talk about make ups and fancy dressing. What I want you to get here is values not possessions and materialism.


After 40 years your six packs will disappear but your feelings will tarry. You will become worried about getting a date because you no longer have six packs.


The same goes for you the ladies, after 35 years you may look old and even make-up will not save you. Dating is not only for young boys and girls.

We’re all enjoying life.





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