Man confess sleeping with about 500 women in his church.

A Ghanaian man has opened up on his sexual escapades with almost all the women in a church he attends.

The man who wants his identity to remain unknown refuse to mention the name of the church said “It is just easy to get women in my church to sleep with me. Especially during the mid-week service, I always get a woman to go home with me.”

He narrated in an interview on Accra-based radio Happy FM saying he had sex with about 500 women in a town called Nanakrom where he used to stay and worship at first and made a shocking revelation that “Out of this number, majority of them came from the church.”

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“I don’t know how it happens but once I stop going to church, I don’t chase women but immediately I resume it is automatic for me to go after them,” he added.

He also state that most of the women in churches nowadays are looking for husbands to marry so because of that he tells them that he’s ready and with this format later cause him to sleep with them and they never asked for money.

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“Most of the women in churches are looking for marriage, so all I had to do was give them the impression I am in for a serious relationship. And that is how I get them into my bed…no, they never did. It was quite easy getting them to go in bed with me,” he added.

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