Man Killed After stealing Pregnant Goat at Ayigbe Town

The Nsawam Police of the Akwapim South District of the Eastern Region is researching a case including a presumed goat criminal, whose beating supposedly brought about his demise.

Police Sergeant Francis Gomado, Eastern Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the police got data about the episode on April 3, and had since dispatched examinations concerning the matter.

He said starter examinations, in any case, uncovered that on April 1, at around 1500 hours, the man, famously known as Abombi, was captured with a presumed taken pregnant goat at Ayigbe Town, a suburb of Nsawam by some obscure people.

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He was then shipped off Nana Odiasempa Nii Ade Quaye’s royal residence at Ayigbe Town, who additionally turned out to be the proprietor of the goat.

He said that on appearance, one WO1 Adjona Henry, 50, a driver of the boss, supposedly exposed Abombi to serious beatings with a rope.

He supposedly additionally stepped on his chest and neck, while the perished laid on the ground.

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Consequently, he got frail and was hence delivered.

The expired figured out how to leave to a spot at a rail route crossing, where he was discovered dead the next morning, he said.

Sgt Gomado said the suspects, Nana Odiasempa Nii Ade Quaye and WO1 Adjona Henry had been kept in police cells to aid examinations.

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