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You need more and I need money and money has become a problem but we've found the simple solutions that will make you extra cash while you sleep, pay off your bills, clear your debts, quit your boring job and live a less stressful life. Our money tips includes the few of the collection listed below;

Make More Money

Find all the free and practical money tips to help you use your skills, knowledge and time to make extra money while you sleep and know more about making money from home and building multiple income streams.

Save More Money

Learn all the unusual ways of saving money online, at home and everywhere through great offers, deals, discount and coupons . Find all the best and useful tips to manage your money.

Start Your Own Blog

Launch your own successful money making blog and get free resources and marketing tools to make it popular and gain a large audience.

Smart Business Ideas

We also scour the planet to bring you all the resources, tools and ideas needed to start your own online business, gain traffic, grow, generate leads and boost sales to 99%


Qodarr.com is a personal finance blog that seeks to help you with simple solutions to save and make more money as well as investing.

They tell you that,

time is money but how about you’ve got the time but you don’t have the ideas to make the riches you want to have and live a less stressful life


We scavenge every hinche and crook of the entire world and history to bring you all the reality and truth about saving and managing your entire financial life plus where your true millionaire identity is hidden in you.

This is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick site!

This blog is for those who wants to create a better financial life and live comfortably.

This blog is for those of us who wants to use our skills, time, knowledge and expertise as money making tools as we thrive along the road of side hustles, freelancing with our expertise and use our time to create multiple income streams, be able to pay of debts and live a less stressful live.


  • Side hustles.
  • Make money from home.
  • Build multiple income streams.
  • Start your own successful money making blog.
  • Great deals and offers.
  • Smart ways to save more money online, at home and everywhere.
  • Super flawless business ideas.
  • Build successful online businesses.
  • Online survey sites that pay.
  • Cash-back sites.
  • And many more……


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