Sell Out: John Legend’s Wife Exposes Husband Over Strange Places They Have Had Sex – Watch Video

To what seem like just a joke, Chrissy Teigen, 35 has revealed that she and her husband, John Legend, 42 have had sex at a host of ‘strange’ places, the Democratic National Convention, a public plane, public bathrooms being inclusive.

During The Late Late Show, the supermodel and mum made the revelations to TV host and comedian, James Corden while playing a game where she could either reveal the strangest place she’s ever had sex — or eat “bull penis.”

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She decided to take the former

“… One time at the Grammys I had said, ‘We had sex at that Obama thing.’ And that came out wrong because what I actually meant was, it was that Obama thing, but wasn’t like with them or near them … I believe it was at the DNC, actually,” she said on “The Late Late Show.”

A surprised Corden clarified, “Sorry, so when you said ‘that Obama thing’ you meant the Democratic National Convention, otherwise known as ‘that Obama thing’?”

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She also made mention of places like: clothing shops, bathroom of public planes and among others.

This is how she placed the others

She said they had sex in the bathroom but that’s not the only public place they have had sex.

“It was a while ago. I mean, I can fire these off if you want, I can say [clothing stores] Ron Herman, Fred Segal, boom, boom, boom,” she added.

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“On a plane. Not even private, James!” Teigen added. “Public.”

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