Shocking : Captain Smart forced to go off-air over government criticism – Franklin Cudjoe

The IMANI boss Franklin Cudjoe alleged in a social media post that the obscure government officials consider Captain Smart’s immediate interpretation of public issues as an assault on the government which is making it unpopular.

Franklin Cudjoe adds that he is stressed with the circumstance and that it doesn’t send the correct message about the government.

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“Had a worrying conversation with Captain Smart moments ago. His boss has asked him to go off air for a while as a result of undue pressure that has been piled on him by ‘high ranking officials in government’.

“Captain Smart’s crime is that his usual critical commentary on national affairs, is making government unpopular. Really? I hope it is not some over zealous politicians who made those calls. Either way, it paints a gravely intolerant picture. #Fixitnow!,” he posted on social media platforms.

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