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Socialization and Sexualization is the order of the day.

We all want to love and be loved. I LOVE YOU is a phrase commonly used by everyone. LOVE is the affection or feelings especially sexual felt for one another. This is what is leading our generation on a path to lust.

We say it in songs or in a very seductive ways(language ) making the other person feel wanted. But I want ask, do we really mean what we say? Do we understand what it takes to love someone? Unfortunately, to our generation, love seems to be total or complete giving of one’s BODY to one another without counting the cost.

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LOVE is the total caring and a profound attraction towards someone. But unfortunately, our generation engage in all sort of immoral acts in the name of love which is against God’s will. We go to the extents of giving our bodies, just to prove that we “LOVE ” some one and sex has become the order of the day. We think staring into the eyes of each other, hugging and kissing are so sweet and we see it as NORMAL.

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We really believe that these actions show true LOVE which should be eternal, which I don’t think so because all are elements of LUST.

It is time to say goodbye to the pleasures of sin and evil, LOVE takes no delight in immorality. Let strive for the things that are more worthwhile.

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