Don’t have enough money to purchase or read your most wanted list of books? Or you’re tired of finding free ebooks to read?

This list of sites would help you to find and download your favorite premium and free books for free without any hidden costs or investment.

At A Glance

We’ve have all heard stories of rich and powerful men , smart and tycoons till they vanish from the earth. The likes of 3rd richest man in the world Bill Gates reads 50 books in a year whilst Warren Buffet the 4th richest also known as the Oracle of Omaha reads 500 pages per day. Albert Einstein once said

When You’re not Learning you’re dying.Albert Einstein

But the story is not the same for you and I at the grassroots to know what they know by personally meeting them. So the best way is to read what they read and follow the details the swallow every day. Let’s see where to get one:

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Top 5 Best Sites To Download And Read Ebooks And Stories For Free .


1. Wattpad.


I Strongly recommend this app if you are a big fun of story books. It has all the classic genres of stories you will love from love stories, sci-fi, legendary, poetry and all the fun. It’s full of stories that keeps you entertained from start to end. You can pause and continue from where you previously ended. Keep books in your collection as well and read them later. It’s exciting and you’ll thank me later.

2. Waptrick.

Waptrick is a powerful and w’ll organized website that offers a wide range of features such as free games, music, videos, pictures, themes, lyrics and ebooks at no cost. It contains a wide range of ebooks which includes magazines, exotic, information technology, history, science, comics, erotic, novels, biography, religion, places, etc. The collection makes it possible for you to access copyrighted contents for free without any cost.

It Is gladly recommended for students searching for learning materials and test books without paying a penny. Because you can get programming books for free, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, computer science, etc.

3. 4shared.

If you want to download any content for free online you do need to have 4shared. It’s UI is cool. You can get all copyrighted contents for free ranging from music, apps, videos,etc. It comes with no cost. And any book at all that you want to read you can get it for free. It’s also good for downloading torrents.

4. Coolstories22

I can’t complete this article without mentioning on of my favorite and mostly used. It’s The ultimate home for stories. I read everyday from this site for free, just that beware of what you really want to read because most of the contents here are 18+ making it not good for all.

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4. Bookbub

Bookbub is an excellent app for everyone looking for premium and free books to read. If you want to purchase a book from Amazon Kindle, Google Books or any other online bookstore, purchase it through Bookbub and earn huge discount in order to save money. Taking of books, hands down. has it all. You can just take your eyes of the collection.


5.Torrent Sources.

Torrent sources are the best place to get anything for Free without paying any penny. Even though I’m not a fan of piracy , sometimes we don’t have the resources to get what we want. That’s why I recommend using torrent sources to download any content for free. It could be ebooks , movies, apps, music, pictures or anything downloadable to your mobile device.

The best is the Torse app for searching and getting torrent links and uTorrent for downloading torrents.


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These are the little I know , you can suggest yours in the comments session below.

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