Tragic story of Fatima date rush.

Fatima also known as ‘ I will future you ” is an actress , song writer and an artiste who entertains her funs so much with very exciting attitude she exhibits every week on the most talked about reality show date rush .

Recently ,she had an interview with ZionFelix which captivated the attention of her die hard fans . Within this interview she disclosed the ordeals she has and had being going through.

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She revealed that she had be single for 5 good years and also said guys see her as a hard core girl which makes it difficult for them to approach her in terms of relationship matters .Also she added guys see her as a gangster also .

She disclosed something sad about her life saying she was raised as an orphan and that her dad didn’t not take care of her and her siblings until his sudden death.

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She also said that she left the orphanage home in 2020 where she fortunately found someone who had a kind heart who opted to take care of her.

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