8 Simple Ways To Excel In Your New Relationship

One of the most challenging ways of life is dating and relationship and the subject of falling in love with the right person. You might be one of those lucky guys to have a woman or man by your side and you actually don’t know how to go about making your love life work out perfectly for you. This happens when it’s your first time or you’ve had countless breakups and it’s giving you headache.

Whatever being the problem, I’ve assembly some useful and proven tips to make your relationship and love life a successful one.

7 Simple Ways To Excel In Your New Relationship

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Communication creates bond, increase friendship and is the only chance to know what your partner mostly take interest in and their reaction to negative and positive thoughts as well as how they feel.

It helps you to know how your partner find things boring and how he/she gets angry quickly or slowly.


Talking to your partner also makes him or her feel a sense of belonging, showing that you really cares about her or him.


But what are the things you should be talking about, how and how often do you have to do it?

2. Stop Buying Love

Materialistic relationship doesn’t work and go far. Understand that intimacy is your ultimate goal. Don’t woo her with just gift and leave other necessary things untouched. There’s a proverb in Ewe that when you offer too much gifts to people, they tend to fall in love with your hand not yourself.

That’s what is going to happen.

Do things like video calls, phone calls, buy some ice creams while you hang out, play games together if you’re close and crack jokes will create that intimacy.


And if it’s a distance relationship, a text message for each day will do.


Don’t spend money always for hair braiding, buying big smartphones and being at his or her beck and call.

 Things you should buy for a  Your Partner 

 Female partner;

Buy flowers once in a month, buy her teddy bears , sunglasses, a story book of her interest. Buy things for her interest not what you think she’ll like.


 Male Partner;

Text book or pamphlet if he’s a shark, jersey , wrist watch, sunglasses, socks , shoes,etc. Catch his attention and give things that will make him remember you every time he sees it.

 3. Paying Regular Visit.

Visits are one of the simple ways to build intimacy and love. Imagine seeing your guy or man atleast for a short while like 3 days in every month or two weeks, it’s wonderful.


But you don’t have to do it always till he or she gets exhausted or fed up with it. Sometimes you’ve to hide yourself awhile to make your partner crave for you till him or her becomes mad and explode then you appear. She’ll love it.


Sometimes he or she may complain but inside she or he loves it that way. Especially the women….. Osh how they love that. I wish you feel it yourself.

 4. Timely Inspiration

I was sailing on the sea, when I looked into the sea my tears fell. Until I find those tears, my love for you will never end.

That’s what most women love as they are more emotional than men. Giving your woman daily encouragements makes her feel that atleast someone protect her emotions and reminds her of what she’s capable of.

It also comfort women a lot.

For the men, it makes them feel you’re their mum. They rather feel comfortable and strong to pursue their dreams. It equally works with many partners and love birds.

My ex used to love me lot just for that. She loved me to the extent that she named herself Awesome Lady because I always encourage her to be awesome.

Sometimes I write poetry to encourage her or create my own quote or short music to strengthen her.

 5. Be Real, Be His / Her final.

Relationship Tips

If you’re a doctor, you’re a doctor, if you’re a thief you’re a thief, of you come from a poor home, you come from a poor home. If you don’t have six packs , you don’t. That’s final.

Let’s your partner love you for what you’re no matter what.

Be truthful and earn her trust.  Be real and earn her confidence.  Be open and earn her attention. Be responsible and earn her love.

Don’t force yourself, let he or she walk away if they don’t appreciate it. You’ll be glowing and appealing to some else. There are 7.7 billion people in this world, stop acting Hollywood movies with one.

If it work that way, be determined to make him or her your final. Do things that will make your relationship fun and lovely. Be more than Romeo and Juliet. Act like you’re writing a romantic book. Kill your man or woman will love till she or he is totally blind.

Work it like charm. It’s devastating to have broken heart so work your relationship to be far from it.

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 6. Share The Moment.


Is very important. To Excel in your new relationship, you need to do so many things as you can together.

Cuddle each other.  Pray with each other.  Dance along.  Visit places.  And more.

Visit places like play grounds, festivals, movies, sports stadium together.

Use body language and teach your partner a lot that it even relect each and everyday of your partner’s life.


If you don’t know a lot learn a lot.

Your relationship is your responsibility.

7. Be Attractive.


One of the things your partner will have to boast of first is your attractiveness. You may not be extremely handsome nor beautiful but your sense of dressing or outfit can make your beauty come out.

Don’t dress shabbily and claim you’re in a relationship. Moderate your dressing for your partner to applaud you. Dress in such a way that her parents and friends can recommend you. Get some deodorant and apply it to make your body smell good. It’s worth it.

But dressing is not the only way to be attractive.

You know about magnets right, the force of attraction comes in when you have those lines of force surrounding you. This lines of force are:

  1. The way you talk : Talk less and listen more. Stop criticizing everything- you’ll break her spirit. Don’t tell her about your crushers- it’ll save you. Always use polite words – you’ll thank me later.
  2. Be open, accommodating and above all give out the attention required of you.
  3. Give out things he or she wants, not what you want for him or her.
  4. Your dressing, I repeat your dressing. YOUR DRESSING!!!

Do you remember Berlin in Money Heist? Always attractive.

 8. Control yourself.

Finally learn to control yourself if you don’t want your hardwork to be in vain. All that you’ve done will be worth it but if you don’t control your jealousy and anger, they will control you and you’ll loose everything.


Your man / woman had female and male friends respectively before meeting you. He or she had a character they cherish before meeting

you. Don’t just unleash your wrath for empty reasons.


A word to a wise is enough.



Wrap up

Keep your relationship away from your close friends. Don’t tell them everything that goes on in your relationship, it’s more riskier than self control.


I hope this will help you to excell in your new relationship. Enjoy.


All the best.








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