You Make those who campaigned for the NPP look mindless, Prince Osei Rant

photo source: Instagram

During the 2020 general elections, some top Ghanaian actors including Prince David Osei openly went on the streets to campaign for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) with the 4more4Nana slogan.

During 2020 election campaign

Today we don’t know what happened, Prince David Osei was on his facebook Page ranting about the recent increment of taxes announced by government on the free water and electricity that was enjoyed during the covid-19 lockdown.

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Prince David Osei: NPP has made us look very mindless for campaigning based on free water and light.

According to him, he together with other top actors and actress went out on the streets publicly to campaign for 4More4Nana based on the promises of free water and electricity.

In the 2021 budget reading , government mentioned that Ghanaians will be taxed for the free water and electricity that was enjoyed during the covid-19 lockdown period.

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Prince David Osei believe that, for a goverment who said he has given its citizen free water and electricity now turns around to tax its people, makes those who championed for that course look mindless.

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