You need to know why racism is the actual devil to Africans.

Racism actually exist even in this so called civilised era .Have you bothered to ask yourself why ? Well, answer is still unknown but all that matters is Africans are always going to be Africans no matter what , and unless they rise up to embrace the beauty of the melanin skin and work towards self achievement , the so called whites are of no good and will be of no good.

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Archie,the pride of Prince Harry and Magan Markle will not to given security title because the royal family is concerned about his skin colour and how dark it might be before he was born . Prince Charles , father of Prince Harry has stopped answering his calls due to this issue , this was told by Prince Harry to Oprah in an interview with her .

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If the royals are still battling with racism shouldn’t we be concerned are Africans and stand up for what is right for us before it’s too late.

Is racism really going to end someday? I want to ask this to every African out there .Are we really free indeed ?

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